Kendall Jenner’s secret to showing off her million-dollar body

Kendall Jenner’s secret to showing off her million-dollar body

Possessing the second most beautiful body in the world, the long-legged supermodel m79 Kendall Jenner knows how to please her fans when she always wears tight outfits that show off her golden ratio standard figure. If you still do not know how to mix or dress to enhance your figure like Kendall Jenner, do not ignore the article below.

Kendall Jenner’s secret to showing off her curves

Supermodel Kendall Jenner
Supermodel Kendall Jenner

Possessing a body of thousands of people, along with a fiery body and a perfect figure, she does not hesitate to wear tight outfits that show off her body curves. Prominent in it will often find her in tight summer dresses. And she is known as supermodel of nude photos.

Her charm

Although she does not have outstanding performance skills, Kendall Jenner has always maintained the title of the highest-paid model in the world because she knows how to take advantage of her heavenly body. Not only can she make use of it on the catwalk, she also knows how to entertain her fans by walking down the street with tight-fitting outfits and silk skirts.

Her fiery body

If you’ve been following her for a long time, you’ll probably see that she is more passionate about body-hugging dresses than baggy clothes. In particular, her sandy body is very suitable for bodycon mini skirts. A body-hugging skirt with a length that just covers the 3rd round, both closed and open, attracts the eyes of the opposite person, the outfit helps to show off her 3 rounds, especially exalting her long legs. wisher.

Bodycon mini skirt hugs the body

The model’s mini bodycon collection is extremely diverse and rich in colors, when going out at night, Kendall will wear bright colors like pink / neon green, and during the day, she chooses neutral tones.

Not stopping at the mini bodycon her collection of dresses and countless countless. The top is that she knows how to combine with textures to exalt her body curves. The plain dresses she transformed into extremely elegant and sophisticated. Layers or bright fabrics also make her stand out from the crowd. The slim 2-string dress reveals her soft shoulders and charming collarbones, making people swoon.

The bright dress makes it stand out

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The secret to having a body like Kendall Jenner

Reasonable diet

In order to maintain the golden ratio standard body, in addition to working hard, she also adheres to a strict and thorough nutrition regimen to maintain her figure. It is very rare for the public to see an image of an overweight girl or poor body standard.

Her body shape makes every other girl admire

Every day, Kendall drinks about 12 cups of green tea to detoxify the body, help whiten skin and burn excess fat. Every day, Kendall drinks about 12 cups of green tea to detoxify the body, help whiten skin and burn excess fat. For breakfast, she usually drinks a cup of green tea and eats fresh fruit. At noon, she will eat protein like meat to supplement nutrients, but mainly lean meat, especially chicken breast to strengthen muscles. To maintain her body, she limits eating starchy and fatty foods. The standard evening menu for weight loss is full of salads and fruits.

The secret to training to own abs like Kendall Jenner

Her number 11 abs is what every other girl dreams of and it’s also Kendall’s favorite part. Wherever or whenever she has more than 10 minutes of free time, the supermodel will begin to practice basic movements to train her abs as well as her figure.

Sexy body standard supermodel

Exercises to practice include:

  • Low Plank
  • High Plank
  • Side plank
  • Side Crunch
  • Single arm/leg plank
  • Rocking plank
  • Knee – big – elbow plank
  • Crunch
  • Bicycle Crunch
  • Leg lift

To achieve the same physique as outdoors, it is also necessary to exercise and have a reasonable diet to maintain. Besides, you also need to know how to dress to enhance your body lines like this supermodel Kendall Jenner.


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