US Study Abroad 2021: Cost & conditions to study in the US

Studying in the US in 2021 is the desire of many students in the world, including our country. With the best teaching conditions, life is guaranteed with a high standard of living and many prestigious universities. However, to study abroad in the US you need to meet the conditions.

So want to study in the US need what? What are the conditions for studying in the US? How much does it cost to study abroad in the US? … All these questions will be answered by our study abroad consulting company below.

Conditions for studying in the US
To be able to study abroad in the US, you need to meet the following conditions:

You must have an invitation letter for admission I-20 from US schools
An I-20 is an admission letter, also known as a notice of admission to the school that you applied to study abroad. To be able to receive invitations from American schools, you must meet the individual admission criteria for each school. For high school study abroad in addition to reviewing transcripts, English certificates, extracurricular activities in the host country … you will also interview directly with the school representative before deciding whether to accept an I-20 or are not.

However, getting an I-20 at top US schools will not be too difficult. According to the writer’s experience, in addition to the standard documents, the interview round will be the deciding factor for the grant of an I-20 admission letter. Therefore, they need to prepare well enough information and a strong and confident mentality to pass the round of evaluating the capacity of school representatives.

The I-20 will be one of the factors that will bring you a travel ticket to the United States. Besides Visa, this is an important, guaranteed paper for your admission in the US. Please note that you must sign before submitting your I-20 to the Consulate to apply for a Visa, your signature is as meaningful as accepting the requirements and regulations of the school you are applying for and at the same time. This is your permission for the school to provide your necessary information to the immigration department.

You must prove your financial ability when studying in the US
Studying abroad in the US is not an easy task, apart from the paperwork and requirements of the schools, another difficult issue is finance. This is an important issue to consider for a long time. Once you intend to study in the US, you first need to have a detailed plan for the entire study process while studying in the US such as tuition fees, living expenses, books, travel, accommodation. . In addition, the cost of living in different regions is also different.

In general, the actual average cost for a year in college is $ 20,000 – $ 30,000. This total annual cost is expected to increase to about 5%. These are just the expenses during the time of studying in the US, in addition, before that, each family must ensure proof of their family’s income and available assets in the bank or legal storage. other.

Depending on the tuition fees of each school you enroll in, your financial requirements will vary, but in general, schools require that your family’s bank account balance be larger than the tuition fees and living expenses for 1 to 2 years in the US. This is a must for them to trust your family’s affordability.

In addition, the monthly (or annual, depending on consideration) income of the parent or sponsor must be within an acceptable limit to ensure the payment of tuition fees for you during the period. you study in America. In particular, in our country, the form of small businesses rarely uses books to record income, so proving this financial will face many difficulties. Therefore, the advice for those who want to study in the US is to pay attention to the issue of authenticating this property from the beginning and have a specific plan in advance.

You must obtain the required qualifications in English
Depending on different schools that have different requirements, usually TOEFL IBT (internet test) requires about 70-80 points to be assured or for TOEFL PBT (paper-based test), universities love The scale is from 500 to 550. For graduate programs, the score is usually from 550 to 600.There are many universities in the US that accept IELTS scores, you need an IELTS score of 6.0 to study in university and IELTS 6.5 to study. Masters. Some schools also accept you if you have not yet earned your degree however it does require you to take the entrance exam of the school or take an English course organized by the school.

In addition, depending on the requirements of each school and each course, students may have to meet SAT, GRE, GMAT scores.

You must complete the standard exams of the required school.
For high school students, they do not need to take entrance exams. Often in these schools only require a GPA of (GPA> 8.0 is pretty stable) and high scores in tests like TOEFL english, EILTS, .. also would be advantageous

for the program University, graduate school, there are the following basic exams:
– GRE: Graduate Record Examination General Test (GRE General Test) GRE test scores are required by graduate programs not business. This test consists of 3 parts: Math, reading comprehension and logic analysis. This test score is especially important if you are planning to apply for a scholarship.

– GRE: Graduate Record Examination Subject Test Only a few graduate programs require students to take this test and usually only in the student’s major major. The test is available for 16 different disciplines.

– SAT I: Reasoning test Many US universities require this test score for both American and international students. This test includes math and reading comprehension sections.

– SAT II: Subject Test Students can choose 1, 2 or 3 subjects in 20 different subjects. Only a few universities require foreign students to take this test.

– TOEFL (Test English As a Foreign Language): a compulsory English test for students whose first language is not English, applicable to both undergraduate and graduate students. The test applies to all skills: listening, grammar, reading comprehension, writing and vocabulary.

– GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test. Most masters or doctoral programs in economics require this test score for both American and international students. This test tests reading comprehension, math and analysis, and reasoning. Because at the University level there will be higher requirements for students both in foreign languages ​​and thinking because they want to ensure that you can absorb the knowledge in the classroom.

You must meet the criteria to apply for a student visa in the US
– Age 12 years or older

– Academic, transcripts from average above

– Have a continuous study or work process

– Have a bank account

– Have finance to pay tuition fees, and living expenses.

You can prove that you will return to your country after completing
the US Visa Law stipulates that Consular Officers are entitled to see all non-immigrant visa applicants as those who intend to immigrate to until you can convince a Consular Officer that you didn’t mean it. This proof of coming back to Vietnam is related to your plans in the future after your studies are completed. Consular officer will use your declaration, related documents, and your plan after graduation to consider this.

For international students, US consular officers need to see that your application for a US student visa is not for spontaneous reasons or for some other reason, but because they want to really come. American learning. And this decision to apply to America is because they have a thorough understanding of the place they plan to go, the program they enrolled in …

In short, you need to prove to the consular officer. The perception that you currently have bonds in our country makes it impossible for you to have any other reason to stay in the US such as: family relations (can not leave your father, mother, family in Vietnam), after After completing school, there will be a better future in our country if compared to staying in the US (for example, when you finish studying, you will return to Vietnam to take over the family property, or you will have a career, a future. A better future is waiting in our country.

How much money does America need to study?
– Tuition: 3,500 USD-30,000 USD / year

The US government does not issue general standards on tuition fees and therefore tuition fees will be determined by each school. Fees may vary depending on faculties within the school; depending on the needs and the subjects you study, …

In the US, usually tuition fees will be based on the popularity of the school, the higher the school is ranked, the more tuition you have to pay, there are schools. up to 60,000 USD – 70,000 USD. In addition, the tuition fee is also estimated based on the type of school: public school, private school, community college or language school, …

You can refer to the fee below for tuition fees:

University system:
– Private school: 15,000 USD to 30,000 USD per year.

– Public schools: 10,000 USD to 20,000 USD / year

– Community colleges: 3,500 USD to 12,000 USD / year.

Postgraduate fees will also depend on the school, faculty, subject and a number of other factors. Some professional programs such as MBA (Master of Business Administration – Master of business administration), JD (Juris Doctor – Doctor of Law) or MD (Doctor of Medicine) usually tuition fees will be higher. with other Master and PhD programs.

Average tuition fees for Master’s programs:
– Public schools: about 28,375 USD / year

– Private schools: about 38,665 USD / year

Average tuition fees of PhD programs:
– Public schools: 32,966 USD

– Private schools: 46,029 USD

Costs Housing
When you live in a hostel, your amenities are “covered”, maybe even including meals. Cornell University, for example, costs US $ 9,180 per academic year, with a single room that includes utilities; while Pennsylvania State University students only have to pay US $ 2,595 / semester for a shared room and US $ 3,060 for a two-room apartment (sharing bathroom).

Outsourcing prices depend on the type of home and the state in which you live as well as how far away it is from the city center. For example, if you can pay US $ 1,800 / month for a studio apartment in New York, but for as little as $ 1,040 in the heart of Colorado.

Each state in the US has its own public transportation system, with different fees. Usually the campuses are located far from the city center, so you will have to use these vehicles every day. Travel expenses will range from 300 USD – 700 USD for 1 year. Here are a few small comparisons for you to imagine this cost:

New York one-way subway or bus: US $ 2.50

– Unlimited Ride MetroCard per month in New York (with student discounts): US $ 56

– Utah train, bus or tram ticket: US $ 2.50

– Utah student 30-day pass: US $ 62.75

– City Pass for students, one semester, in Philadelphia: US $ 327.60

Fees other
In addition to the key issues that cannot be ignored. The following expenses are also quite significant.

+ Costs of books and learning tools are about 900 USD – 1,200 USD for 1 year.

+ Telephone charges are about 600 USD for 1 year.

+ School uniforms range from 500 USD for 1 year.

+ Health insurance premium 350 USD-500 USD for 1 person within 1 year.

+ Personal expenses (Entertainment, shopping, laundry, …): 2,500 USD for 1 year

In general, the cost of both tuition and living expenses 1 year to study in the US ranges from about 15,300 USD – 50,000 USD.